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Thank you for submitting your artwork to Boundaries, genARTS Silicon Valley’s fourth annual Experimental Exhibition. This exhibition, in partnership with New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU,) presents an opportunity for Santa Clara County emerging and early-career artists to submit a work of art that explores concepts of boundaries. This year marks an important moment for genARTS Silicon Valley as the organization partners with NUMU to engage the community at the intersection of art, history, and education through innovative, locally connected and globally relevant exhibits, programs, and experiences. 

Let’s come together to connect with each other through the art of the diverse and vibrant community of emerging artists in Santa Clara County!

Artists may submit 1 work for consideration in one of the following categories: Painting; Drawing; Mixed Media; Fiber and Textile; Photography; Printmaking; Sculpture; Digital Art; Film or Animation. Singular works consisting of multiple pieces, such as diptychs, are acceptable and will be considered. 

Entries will be juried by: Allison Railo, NUMU Curator, and Margaret Luo, Curator for genARTS.



Submit a work that examines the boundaries that exist in your world, be they self-imposed, societally, or politically created. How do boundaries manifest? How can we move beyond boundaries? Explore the diverse ways in which boundaries can both connect us and separate us.

Artists are encouraged to interpret the theme broadly. Submissions may explore physical borders, emotional boundaries, societal divisions, and beyond. Your work may navigate the theme through the lens of setting boundaries, breaking barriers, or redefining limits. This exhibition aims to foster a dialogue on the multifaceted nature of boundaries.




  • All self-identified emerging artists are encouraged to apply, from all backgrounds. No prior exhibiting experience required.
  • Artists must be 18 years or older.
  • Artists must live in, work in, or have a personal or professional connection to Santa Clara County to participate.
  • Artists must be registered members of genARTS Silicon Valley to participate. Sign up for free at https://www.genartssv.org/membership 


Please carefully review the criteria and information below before submitting your artwork.


There is no fee to submit.

Artist Statement

An artist statement is a description of your work in your own words. It is an explanation of why you do what you do and how you made what you created. You can have an artist statement for each piece of art you create. You can also have an artist statement that represents your entire body of work. An artist statement explains your creative process, including your motivations, inspirations behind, mission, and methods. It should include your choice of mediums and use of tools and techniques.

A well-written artist statement can have the power to break a tie in a juried show, an artist grant application, or secure your spot in a coveted artist residency program. Think of your artist statement as a caption in a broadcast program, similar to what you would include on a social media post. An artist statement, like a caption, aims to improve engagement by giving the visual image desired context and relevance.

  • Artist statements are required and will be displayed alongside your artwork.
  • For tips on writing artist statements, click HERE.

Submission Image Upload 

  • All files must be labeled as follows "Artist Last Name. Artist First Name. Artwork Title" (Doe.Jane.TreeOfLife.jpg, for example)
  • Images may be in .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .tif format. 
  • Images should be sized at a minimum of 1250 pixels on the shortest side with an image quality of at least 300 dpi.
  • File must be less than 5mb. 
  • Film and Animation submissions must be 3 minutes or fewer, and exported as .mp4 files.                                     
  • Short .gif files must be looped and exported as .mp4 files. 
  • An individual artwork with multiple components (diptych, triptych, series) will be considered as one submission and must be submitted as a composite (single) file.



Works must be created by the artist, original in concept, and completed within the last three (3) years. Accepted artwork must be able to be displayed as they are presented in their submitted digital image; artwork need not be framed in the submission image. Work done under an instructor, copies or giclées, are not allowed. All 2-D artwork must be framed or otherwise prepared for installation. 

Two-Dimensional Artworks:

  • Two-dimensional artworks, including stretched paintings, framed paintings, works on paper (including prints,  drawings, watercolors, and pastels), prints of original digital art, photographs, fiber arts, and very low-relief (up to 4 inches deep) sculptures, are acceptable media.
  • Two-dimensional artworks (including frames, if applicable) may weigh up to 25 pounds. There are no size (HxW) restrictions on 2-D artworks, but please keep in mind that gallery walls are 8 feet high and there is a finite amount of space.
  • To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, hanging artworks cannot project more than 4 inches from the wall.
  • Accepted works on paper must be framed behind glass, plexiglass or other acrylic; frames are not required at the time of submission. 
  • Framed works and stretched paintings must include installation hardware (D-rings or cleats are preferred, picture wire is acceptable).
  • Artworks that include materials that could attract pests will be subject to further review and may not be permitted (see “Prohibited Media” below for details).

Three-Dimensional Artworks:

  • Three-dimensional artworks, including works made of stone, metal, ceramic, glass, treated wood, and processed fibers, are acceptable media.
  • Three-dimensional artworks can measure up to 8 cubic feet (2 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft., for example) and weigh up to 50 pounds.
  • Three-dimensional artworks must be seismically stable and able to stand freely without mounts and/or other interventions. To facilitate a smooth and safe installation, artists agree to allow the Museum’s staff to secure objects with earthquake wax, tethers, and/or other removable mounting materials.
  • The Museum will supply platforms and/or pedestals for the display of three-dimensional artworks. Artists may provide their own custom or specialized platforms, pedestals, and/or any other devices for display with prior approval - please indicate this in the "Notes" section on the following form. 

Short Film + Animation: 

  • Files must be formatted as .mp4. 
  • Run time of 3 minutes or fewer. 
  • Due to the demographics of NUMU’s visitorship, submissions must fall under the MPAA’s rating between G and PG-13.
  • Use of any language that is hateful, threatening, or abusive and/or  targets people on account of disability, sex, race, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or skin color will render your submission ineligible for consideration.

Prohibited Media (including but not limited to):

  • Unprocessed/untreated, living, or dead plant material; or soil that may harbor or attract pests, including but not limited to: dried leaves or branches, dried untreated bamboo, driftwood, tree bark, hay or straw, and logs.
  • Food items, including but not limited to fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, dried beans, and rice.
  • Liquids in unsealed containers.
  • Materials that produce vapor, smoke, mists, and/or odors.
  • Flammable, toxic, volatile, and/or explosive materials.

Please reach out to curatorial@numulosgatos.org if you have any questions regarding prohibited media.

AI Policy:

NUMU and genARTS acknowledge that AI (artificial intelligence) is now a part of media and may be used as an artistic tool. AI-generated submissions without artistic manipulation will not be accepted. AI may be applied meaningfully as part of an artist’s process to express an original concept conceived by the artist. If AI is included, artists must acknowledge that in the submission form.



One goal of this exhibition is to display a broad representation of artistic form, style, and media to provide viewers an enjoyable, inspirational, and thought-provoking experience. Entries will be judged on their technical merit; creativity, uniqueness, originality of concept; and interpretation of the theme. Among other criteria, jurors will also consider the quality of artistic composition and overall design and overall impression of the art. 

The mission and vision of this exhibition aim to support and encourage emerging and early-career artists; the work of these artists will be given special attention. 


Artists who submit work for consideration will be notified between Monday, June 17 and Friday, June 21, 2024 as to whether their entry has been accepted or declined for inclusion in the exhibition.

Please do not contact genARTS or NUMU to inquire about the status of your submission. 

Judging Criteria

Submissions are accepted based on the following criteria:

  • Significant and thoughtful investigation of the theme
  • Imaginative communication of ideas
  • Meaningful use of materials
  • Demonstrates technical skill and artistic merit
  • Artist statement is well articulated


  • Accepted artworks must be dropped off at NUMU on Saturday, June 29, or Sunday, June 30 between the hours of 11 am - 2 pm. No artwork shipments will be accepted.  NUMU is located in the Civic Center Plaza at 106 E Main St., Los Gatos, CA 95030.                                        
    • Artwork must be completed, dry, and ready to install at the time of delivery.
    • Accommodations may be made, in special circumstances, to deliver artwork at another date and time. Arrangements must be made no later than Friday, June 28. No artworks will be accepted after Friday, July 5. Please contact curatorial@numulosgatos.org to coordinate. 
  • All artwork must be picked up at NUMU on Saturday, October 12, or Sunday, October 13 between the hours of 11 am - 2 pm.  
    • Accommodations may be made, in special circumstances, to pick up artwork at another date and time. Arrangements must be made no later than Friday, October 4. Please contact curatorial@numulosgatos.org to coordinate.
  • Any work not claimed by November 1, 2024, will be considered abandoned property and disposed of in accordance with museum policy. 

Preparing your Artwork for Transport and Delivery: 

  • It is strongly recommended that artwork is delivered wrapped or otherwise packaged to prevent accidental damage while in transit or in storage awaiting installation.                                         
    • Learn more about preparing and transporting your artwork HERE.
    • Depending on the durability of wrapping or packaging material, it may or may not be reused in preparing your artwork for return. 
  • Artwork must have its title, artist’s name, and contact information (email and phone) written on, or on a label securely adhered to, the back or bottom of the artwork itself as well as on the wrappings.


Artwork may or may not be for sale. Neither NUMU nor genARTS will facilitate or process artwork sales. Any work sold during the run of the exhibition must remain installed in the gallery until the exhibition ends. 

If a visitor does express interest in purchasing an artwork, or generally learning more about an artist’s body of work, that visitor’s contact information will be collected by museum staff and given to the artist who may then initiate contact and process any sales privately.



Insurance for exhibited artwork is the responsibility of the artist. 

The artist agrees to hold harmless and release from liability the genARTS Silicon Valley organization and New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU), their officers, agents, and employees for any and all damages, claims, causes of action, losses, liability, judgments, costs, costs of collection, and attorney’s fees arising out of or related to the exhibit.

Promotional photographs may be taken by genARTS and NUMU. Artists consent to the use of their image in future Experimental Exhibition, genARTS, & NUMU promotional materials.


About the genARTS Experimental Exhibition

The genARTS Experimental Exhibition is an annual show that encourages emerging artists to experiment - to explore a new direction with their work and grow as artists.

About genARTS Silicon Valley

Founded in 2007, genARTS Silicon Valley serves emerging arts and cultural leaders and bridges communication between emerging, midcareer, and established leaders through our programs and events. Focused locally on San Jose and Silicon Valley as a whole, we still maintain important statewide connections across California and keep an eye on the national conversations in the arts and culture sector, specifically through our connection to American for the Arts as a registered Local Emerging Leaders Network. genARTS Silicon Valley’s mission is to empower creative individuals and emerging arts leaders.

About NUMU

NUMU | New Museum Los Gatos is a public, non-profit art and history museum whose mission is to engage the community at the intersection of art, history, and education through innovative, locally connected, and globally relevant exhibitions, programs, and experiences. NUMU’s vision is to offer equal and equitable representation, opportunities, and services to all stakeholders through our operations, exhibitions, public programs, and permanent collection. NUMU's strategic vision is to be more civically and community-focused, and align with the Town of Los Gatos’ commitment to being inclusive. The museum hosts exhibits and programs that are responsive to our communities, in Los Gatos and beyond. 



Is there a size restriction for my original (physical) piece?

There are no size restrictions, but there are weight limitations. Please see ACCEPTABLE MEDIA, SIZE, WEIGHT + OTHER CRITERIA section above. 

How many pieces can I submit?

Each artist may only submit one work in the category of their choice.

Can I make a change or correction to my submission?

Unfortunately, no. Once the form has been submitted, there will be no opportunity to edit. Please make sure all files and information are correct before submitting.

Can I add to my artwork after I have been accepted as an exhibiting artist?

Making changes to the artwork may jeopardize it, as it was judged in the original state it was submitted. Slight modifications such as varnishing a painting or fixing something that has broken are acceptable and encouraged. Significant changes may subject your work to exclusion. 

How long will my artwork be on display?

Works will be on display from July 19 – October 6, 2024. However, works will remain at NUMU from the time of drop-off (June 29, 30), until the scheduled pick-up dates (October 12, 13).




We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.